Applied Biological Materials (ABM) Inc.

A Canadian company that is constantly on the lookout for the latest innovations for life science research and drug development.

ABM Inc. develops and markets novel products and services to researchers who want the highest quality at the most competitive pricing. 


The numerous product lines comprehensively cover many cutting-edge technologies, such as:

ABM also offer various custom services to create novel solutions to experimental challenges and to help you maximize your time by minimizing your research workload.

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Aoxre Biosciences

Aoxre Biosciences is a premier source for state of the art research products targeting biomarkers of Oxidative Stress.

At the heart of the Aoxre Biosciences® product line are the Bioxytech® assay kits. 

These products simplify the testing of OxidativeAntioxidantNitrosative and Inflammatory Biomarkers thought to play a central role in many human diseases including Cancer, Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, Stroke, Alzheimer’s, MS and ALS, and others.

Aoxre Biosciences now has more products for testing of endogenous antioxidants (e.g. SOD, Catalase, GSH and GSH related enzymes) than any other company worldwide. 

Oxidative biomarker

The line of oxidative biomarker test kits includes assays for lipid, protein and DNA determinants of oxidative mediated damage.

Researchers in academic, government, and industry research laboratories regularly use the products for their oxidative stress related testing needs. 

To assist our customers with sample preparation and as a general research tool, selected citations are available for most products after their first year of sales.

In addition to the Bioxytech® kits, Aoxre Biosciences also supplies antibodies, enzymes and other specialty products allowing IHC, Western Blotting and HPLC analysis of other key biomarkers.

We recognize the significant amount of work being done relating antioxidant status to biological wellness and disease and are committed to bringing new technologies to the marketplace in order to keep pace with the needs of researchers in this important area.

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Cell Projects

The products currently include electroporation cuvettes and Transfection enhancing Electrobuffer kits.

Cell Projects Limited is an exciting and rapidly expanding medium sized UK based company that develops and manufactures leading edge products capable of superior or disruptive outcomes for the Life Sciences industry, in research, clinical and diagnostic settings.

We carry out the complete process of ‘design to manufacturing’ using our in-house scientists and engineers to develop the products or services, completely supported by our extensive knowledge and experience accumulated over 15 years of manufacturing high quality, optimized products for Molecular Biology, Genomics and many other related research areas.


The companies ongoing development focuses purely on products that improve or innovate for both technical and practical benefits to the Molecular Biology technology.

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Europa Bioproducts

Europa Bioproducts is a supplier of specialty proteins, antibodies and biochemical reagents for diagnostics and research applications.

All bulk products are also available in research quantities.


Lucigen Corp. was founded in 1998 to develop life science research products and technologies for gene cloning, protein expression, and nucleic acid sequencing and amplification.  

By focusing on improved methods for gene cloning, Lucigen products have dramatically improved DNA cloning reliability and efficiency, which has allowed researchers to successfully capture many genes that were impossible to clone using other methods.  

Its own proprietary technology

Lucigen has also used its own proprietary technology to be the first company to isolate viral DNA polymerases from boiling hot springs environments.

These novel enzymes have been shown to be superior products for PCR, RT-PCR (reverse transcription-PCR) and rapid, isothermal amplification of RNA and DNA. In addition, our in-house expertise in the production of random-shear, BAC and fosmid libraries has been made available as a fast and reliable service, which can accelerate Next Gen DNA sequencing and screening projects. 

Areas of technology focus
 Lucigen’s technology development is focused on nucleic acid research in three separate, but related areas:


Nanoprobes was founded to develop the most sensitive reagents and technology for detecting biological molecules.

Nanoprobes unique gold labeling technology uses chemically cross-linked metal clusters and nanoparticles as labels.

Unlike conventional immunogold probes, in which colloidal gold particles are electrostatically adsorbed to antibodies and proteins, our gold labels are uncharged molecules which are cross-linked to specific sites on biomolecules. This gives our probes greater range and versatility than colloidal gold.


Labels can be attached to any molecule

Our labels can be attached to any molecule with a reactive group -- proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, small molecules and lipids -- for detection and localization. Other labels can be combined with our gold labels; our unique FluoroNanogold probes combine Nanogold® and fluorescein into a single probe for imaging a specimen both by fluorescence and electron microscopy.


Severn Biotech

Severn Biotech is a manufacturer of high quality biochemical products used in Molecular Biology.


Synthetic peptides

Severn Biotech has also been making bespoke synthetic peptides since 1993.Peptides are synthesised using Fmoc chemistry on a solid phase support matrix. The final quality of the peptide product is assured by Maldi-TOF Massspectroscopy, *Electro-spray MS and RP-HPLC analysis. Quantities normally supplied are within the range 1mg-30g. There is a wide range of synthetic peptide modifications and conjugations available,which can be incorporated into the product as part of the service. Peptides are supplied lyophilised and can also be aliquoted into vials specific to clients requirements. 

Purity Levels and Peptide Purification

The standard purity is > 85% which is sufficient for antigenic peptides for immunological applications. Ultra-pure peptides of > 95% are obtained by semi-preparative and preparative scale C18 reverse phase HPLC; recommended for bio-active and intracellular studies. All peptides are supplied with HPLC profile and Mass Spectromatogram for verification of purity and molecular weight. Net peptide content by *amino acid analysis can also be supplied.

US Biological

United States Biological's biochemicalsantibodies, recombinant proteinscell culture media and molecular biology kits are used in virtually all scientific applications and settings, including genomic research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development and the diagnosis of disease. Products are available from affordable research quantities to larger bulk amounts for process development and production.

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